Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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UPDATE: And who is this? It is our Mitsu & Shugo baby Meko and her canine brother Kai! Meko lives with mom Lynn in Ohio!!

UPDATE: And who is this? It is our Mitsu & Shugo baby Garnett! She is the beloved companion of Polly and Jeff in NY!!
UPDATE: And who is this? It is our Mitsu & Shugo baby Charlie and his canine sister Daisy Mae and his human siblings! Charlie lives with the Scarlett family in Massachusetts!! UPDATE: AWW our beloved Queen looking ever so regal! Queen came from a horrid puppymill but that is just a forgotten memory! She enjoys the love of the LaVoie family in Massachusetts!!
UPDATE: our precious Bear sure enjoys his picture perfect life with Cindy and family!! Truly a magical time for all! AND OUR FIRST ADOPTION OF THE YEAR -- baby Pawlee our blind puppy born with a foot deformity where he ahs no pad on his rear foot! Pawlee sees with his heart and boy has he crept his way into foster mom Carla's heart!! She couldn't let him go so he is now sharing the goof life with Carla in PA!!
And adoption 2 of the year -- FINALLY our Yoshi is home with her foster parents Chuck and Val!! They flat out refused to let her go anywhere else!! Enjoy each other's love!! And adoption 3 is baby Nikkou! Nikkou's new mom Kathleen immediately fell in love with her new baby.
Adoption 4 is my precious Angel Kitty! Angel went a long way to be with her new dad Victor but she is loving life once again! Adoption 5 is Tenshi! He found his new best friend with Jake! Enjoy many years together!
Adoption 6 is Melina! She is enjoying her new family -- Jason and Amy!

Adoption 7 is Jedhi!! He waited a LONG time but in the end, got just what he wanted with his beloved Dimon family!!

UPDATE: And look at how happy our Toshi is -- enjoying the good life with dad Dan! UPDATE: Well it is our Sweetiepie getting bigger! Sweetiepie LOVES playing in the snow -- she best come and visit her aunt Nancy in Buffalo! And of course she loves her bunnie siblings and any people she meets!! Just a happy, loving girl and hence her name!!
UPDATE: And lookie here -- our beloved Hunter and Daisy all grown up and loving life with mom Noreen in Pittsburgh! UPDATE: And this card gave us all a happy smile to see our Max and Kiko healthy again. They truly love their Mike and Petra!!
UPDATE: Our Shiloh waited a long time but finally found the family of his dreams! Here he is with Lance enjoying the good life!! UPDATE: LOOKY HERE -- our little blind puppy Odie is now a big boy and called Dakota! Shelley his mom just loves him to death and says that Dakota is just the sweetest, goofiest boy ever! Pawlee is his brother and posted above!
UPDATE: 2008 was a great year for Hannah!! She could not be happier to look just like her new bro Crom in her adopted home! UPDATE: Mochus is so happy that 2008 was HIS year!!! He loves living with his wonderful adopters Ro & Ed!!
UPDATE: Ramses is all grins in his happy new home in PA!!! UPDATE: OH BOY our little Katsu wants to be by dad Brad whenever he is cooking! Looks like he is enjoying the good life!
UPDATE: WOW look at our Oshii -- FABULOUS DARLING -- she just looks fabulous! Esther did wonders with this Akita and boy it shows! Our precious Brae found her forever home and the love she so needed to mend her broken spirit with mom Marion and canine brother Titus!!
UPDATE: WOW our little Sammy and Sashi look so happy and enjoying life with mom Ilene! Keep those smiles coming! Bert found the love and permanence he so wanted with mom Florence!
Kody went to live a life filled with love and happiness -- he is a lucky boy now with the Graaf family! UPDATE: AWWW our little Kia is enjoying the spoiled life with Michael and Fran!!
UPDATE: Precious Yoshi is loving his life with Dan who says he is the most awesome dog ever! UPDATE: And our Sachi and Tomo love their newest little baby Levine friend!! Don't worry dad Jason is watching carefully!
UPDATE: AWWW look at our little Panda who is growing so big! She just loves to dig and mom Pat is so happy with her escapades!!

David & Jennifer  found their perfect match the day they meet our Cody!

Sugar waited a year for Kathy & Mike to find her and give her the home of her dreams.

Asia found her forever home with John and Juvy! A true dream come true!!
UPDATE: Awww our precious good girl Cassidy sends a hello from a recent family picnic!! Looking great my girl!! Amazing what love can do!! UPDATE: And another big awww for our little Bella in her favorite spot -- yes on the bed!!

UPDATE: Yes that is our now big boy JuJu giving kisses to his favorite human on earth -- dad Matt!! Not bad for a dog that came to us from another rescue at 48 pounds. He tops the scales today at 105!! Duster found the new mom and dad of his dreams -- go and have a wonderful life Duster with Tom and Jackie!!
Aris found her home with Ken and Bob and we know she will be spoiled big time and are so happy for that!! She deserves it! The smiles never stopped when Cooper met Dedre and Jaymilla! We know this union is perfection!
Hailey is lucky to have the Lansley family to share her life with! I can feel the love! Skye will be getting loads of love from the O'Keefe family! We hope for many happy years!

Tanner is living on a horse farm with the Sniekus family and big doggy sister Mihari! Enjoy every moment! Lori, Collin, & Devin found their new best, best buddy when they met our Mochi!! Now on to the next chapter with many happy endings!
Princess started a new chapter in her life when she met the Page family!

Can you believe it? After all she was through, our little Wish was fully rehabbed in the loving arms of the Dimon family! And what a beauty she turned out to be -- well she always was a beauty inside but look at her transformation outside!! But there was one family who was a previous adopter of ARWNY's own Petee who saw through the exterior and said they wanted Wish -- from day one, first glance, they wanted her! And so Wish went to her new home and is adjusting remarkably well. Robin and Rob and Petee and Wish are one big happy family forever and ever! NOW THAT IS A HAPPY ENDING!!!!
Thor found his forever home with dad Joe -- and can we say beach front! Yup he enjoys the beach daily! Suki found her loving home with the Tashiro family!

Shiloh is one lucky girl living with the Nakamur family! Brodi has a great start to life with his new West family! Happy life dear boy!
Mom Melissa could not be happier with her new baby boy Taylor!! Many happy years to come! The Dimon's knew the day they met Brew he would be with them forever!!
Diane's long journey and search ended here at ARWNY when she met our Buddy! UPDATE: Yes it is our precious Tammy, now called Amy, one of the Lorber dogs who is very happy as a beloved family member with Kathy!
UPDATE: WOW our little Boots is all happy, looking great, and enjoying -- yes -- the California home with mom Corrina!! The Lane's are one big happy smiling family now that they adopted our boy Jack.
UPDATE; Absolutely breathtaking is our gorgeous Aurora! And mom Nancy and dad Vinnie cannot be more proud of her inside and out!! The Pagan Family found there new best friend Hiroki just waiting to make them smile!!
For Nancy & Casey it was love at first sight when they met our senior boy Romulous!! Well BayBay waited a LONG TIME for the right home and boy did he find true happiness with mom Elena and new canine fried AJ! MANY MANY happy years to all!
Another loyal guy -- Yogi -- who waited but found the home of his dreams with Jim and Sue!! It was love at first site after Ed & Darrell fell for ARWNY'S Mori.
George found Emma his new partner right here at ARWNY :) Delaware State Trooper Steve just found his new trusty partner Niko with ARWNY!
For Max no one else mattered when he met Peter! We know he will be happy forever in this new home! Our Gordon waited a long time for Jennifer to come and take him home forever.
Sasha had a ticket to doggie heaven and cashed it in when she met Ray and his daughter Alyissa!! WOW OH WOW!! Finally our 10 year old Sammy found a family with kids to warm his heart again! Sammy adored kids and lit right up when he found his forever home with Kathy's family!
UPDATE: AWW Happy Holidays comes early from our Kuma and her buddy Kobe! They are happy with mom Suzanne in Colorado! Let it snow!!

UPDATE: WOW look at our happy Bear loving life with the Crowley family! Not bad for a senior -- way to go Crowleys!
Sasha found the patience and love she needed in the home of the Leacock family!! Our Takashi-Moto landed himself a home with Robert Roscoe & his darling family. Hey look at the size of this 9 month old baby!! He is 80 pounds and growing!! ENJOY!!!
Sohee and Dominick took one look and they knew -- Spud was the perfect dog for them and he felt the same!! Many happy years together!! Happy New Year came just a few hours early for our Kyra when she met the Perez family!  Life is great now!!
UPDATE: HO HO our BaeBae says happy howl-idays! He lives with beloved mom Jen and our very own ARWNY VP Kathy!! UPDATE: Our precious girl Sassy is looking fabulous darling at 12.5 years young!! She and mom Susan are a bonded pair!

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