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Left behind in an empty house when her owner moved, she found a better home with me.
Found dodging traffic on an 8 lane highway in Cleveland, he galloped right into my home and heart.
Tied to a tree, starved and abused, this girl transformed from a frightened, cowering pup into a happy, cheerful, sunny little dog who loves people.
Cagney, Kuro and Nikka are the three Akitas I've adopted through ARWNY, and the joy, friendship, fun and loyalty they brought or bring to my life are immeasurable.  They are three of the reasons that I've converted a room in my house into a library for an on-line book sale. 
I've put together wonderful collection of books, videos, DVD's and CD's to sell on Amazon to raise funds to support ARWNY.  This collection changes almost daily!  I list new (or 'new-used') items almost every day. 

I know the economy is bad, and I know that times are tough.  As tough as they are for us, they're even harder on our 4-legged friends.  They're dependent on us for their care.  We've all heard that families are losing their homes.  This means dogs, too -- the number of pets being turned into shelters is escalating.
And then there's the movie 'Hachiko - A Dog's Story.'  When this movie is released, ARWNY will, without a doubt, be dealing with the backlash of people's bad decisions about buying an Akita pup. 
Please help us help the breed we love.  If you need a gift, want to read a wonderful book, watch a flick while you're curled up on the couch with your Akita, or listen to tunes, check out our website:

Kuro, Nancy, and Nikka

We need your help -- as someone who cares about Akitas
in need!
ARWNY is here to help abused, abandoned,
neglected, or any Akita in need. We are there as
volunteers to make them safe -- 365 days a year!

Sadly, this year is much worse than most. Some Akita owners have to make tough decisions -- including giving up their dogs! The sad and cruel truth is that more Akitas are being dumped, abandoned, and turned onto the streets while others are suffering hunger, neglect, abuse, and
worse. Numbers in need are epidemic!

Your support helps ARWNY rescue Akitas in their time of crisis, even during this hard economic time and the coldest winter months. Your gift of $25 or more can mean the difference between life and death for Akitas with nowhere else to turn.

Please help us with as generous a gift as you can afford. Even a small amount can go a long way for an Akita in need.

Calling all breeders!! Join our 1% club today. You will be listed on our Web site in special thanks. ARWNY is fortunate to have many breeders support our group and work hand in hand with rescue to help Akitas in need. The 1% club is for breeders who want to contribute 1% of their puppy sales for the year to rescue. Or the 1% club also can be for anyone who wants to contribute $50 or more to rescue. In exchange for the donation, you will receive a bumper sticker and have your name listed under our special donors. Interested? Click here to see more!

Please mail your loving contribution to
 P.O. Box 428
 E. Amherst, NY 14051 

For PayPal, enter your level value and note in the comments section the ARWNY dog you would like to sponsor and the information you would like us to include on our website.

If you would like to sponsor an ARWNY dog, we offer four levels.
Friend - $10  Guardian - $30  Angel - $50  Mentor - $100


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